Spice Programs

PSpice in xdosemu

Note: using dosbox over vnc gives serious keybinding-problems (please mail me if you can solve them), that's the reason why we use (x)dosemu and not dosbox. You can install (x)dosemu as follows:

Due to popular demand I have also put a linux 2g6 (by some people still considered the gold standard) version on my website:
A spice 2g6 static build binary, works fine under Mint 19, Debian 8 ...
Don't forget to make the binary spice-2g6-linux executable: chmod +x spice-2g6-linux
And make the binary spice-2g6-linux available system wide: sudo mv spice-2g6-linux /usr/bin/spice

In stead of editing your Spice-output file manually to get the data necessary for Gnuplot, you can also use the program spice2data from Bart B..
In this tarball you'll find the source (example use: spice < test.inp | spice2data >test.dat). You can also use a more recent Python-version of the program: spice2data.py example use: (spice < test.inp | spice2data.py >test.dat)

Spice Documentation

Documentation file (users manual) for Spice 3 (postscript) gecomprimeerd met bzip2
Spice User's Guide and Reference (Michael B. Steer)